Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well I must say life is so crazy different with a baby! But I sure love it! The only problem is I seem to never have time to work on our blog page. We have a ton of cute pictures to put up but I just never get time.... And when I do I dont have my computer so I dont have the pictures.
Kayden got of his cast! YAY!! Only they put his boots on, and its a MILLION times worse! He screamed for 5 hours straight after getting them, which if you know Kayden its really not like him to cry, at all! A week previously he started sleeping 8 hours during the night. *AMAZING!!!* But... We have to take the boots off and on ever 3 hours and he just screams and cries. The worse of it is he looks up at me with those sad eyes that are just asking why I am hurting him. I really Hate it because he doesnt understand that all this pain will be worth it in the end. He has blisters on his feet from it. (apparently Im not putting them on tight enough, which is crazy because I thought I was putting them on SO tight!) So I had to put bandaids on, only they tore his skin and made his ankles and feet bleed. :'( Needless to say I cant wait for all this to be finished!!~
Other than that we are doing really well! And when Kayden isnt crying from all the torture we are forced to put him through he is smiling and even laughing sometimes. It is so very cute!-

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Our little boy is sleeping in his own room already! He is sleeping in his crib, and sleeping rather well I might add. Yeah, we are proud I must admit!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Kayden was a little Pumpkin for Halloween!> He was so very cute, but slept through all the celebrations! Silly little baby- :D

Now he is ready to sleep through Christmas! Wow, my little boy sleeps alot huh?! Dont worry, he is awake too, oh so much!

Monday, October 20, 2008


When Kaydens was born his right foot was pretty twisted. The doctor thought it was just a positioning thing and if I massaged it then he should be fine. But it could also be a clubfoot. So to double check we went up to Primary Childrens on the 16th of October.

We got to our appointment and they started putting a cast on him!!! Not exactly what I was expecting. Needless to say he will have a cast on for 3-6 weeks, and I will be going up to Primary Childrens every week to get it re-casted. When his foot has been positioned right from the cast they do a small surgery and cut a tendion in his heal, which will grow back correctly. Then he has to wear these boot things with a bar bracing it between his feet 23 hours a day until he can pull himself up on the couch or chair. At that time we can take them off him during the day, but they must be put back on each night until he is 2 or 3 years old. The plan is after all this he should be able to walk and play like any other kid without any problem!~

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Kayden had really bad biliruban so we put him under the lights... But then his temp. was struggling to say the least and kept dropping down. Finally Saturday night we took him to the ER in Mt. Pleasant- They started taking his blood and poking him several times. It was sad to watch and then they even put an IV on him- Which I just hated, even if it was for the best. After several hours of testing and trying to raise his temp. they decided he needed to be taken up to Provo. At five days Kayden was taking his first ambulance ride and I was starting to get more and more worried- It was around 3am when we got there and in the ambulance they had finally gotten his temp. to normal. We spent sunday-tuesday in the hospital monitering him for an infection.

Along with his lack of keeping his temp. up, his biliruban kept going up, so they put him under the lights in the hospital and had to put this annoying band over his face- Which he HATED! They had to test his biliruban 10 times! They do this by making a small slice in the foot and getting blood- After a while he didnt even wake up to them doing it, because it had been done so many times...

Kayden had an IV the whole time and he kept karate chopping himself in the head!- Anywayz, After the scare, he went home tue afternoon happy and healthy!

Friday, October 10, 2008


We had a baby! But it wasnt Lynzie... Instead of a little girl we had ourselves a little boy! His name is Casten Kayden Fischer, he goes by Kayden (or at least we call him Kayden) He came September 29th at 1:08A, he was 6pounds 15ounces 20" long. He came exactly 3 weeks early but was very healthy and strong!- When the nurse gave him to me for the first time, he looked at me and then stuck out his tongue! Oh boy!!

This is a picture of our new family just before the nurses took Kayden to be cleaned.

He is a Fischer!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Oh look at me! Im just laying here, Cant you tell... I have become the laziest person EVER!!! Could you believe that its doctors orders? Well okay probably but thats just cuz Im pregnant. But really let me explain- We went to a doctors appointment the day after our vacation in Bryce only to find out everything isnt going quite as perfect as we thought. Lynzie is wonderfully healthy as am I. But come to find out she seems to be trying to push her way into this wonderful world a lot sooner than planned. I was 33 weeks (oh and a day!) and already dialated to a 2 and effaced (or thinned out) 80%. Not something that should be happening for another 7 weeks. Needless to say the doctor has me laying down with my feet up 90% of my life until the baby comes. Which were hoping wont be for at least a few more weeks, considering she is just not ready! -You think you can do these things Lynzie, But ya just cant!!-

Dont I make sleeping look so fun?!... But its interesting how the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side! Before finding out I had to lay around constantly I would have killed to take a nap! Now I would love love love to get up and do something!~ Oh well, it must be love that keeps me laying here day after day. Cuz I dont think much else would.


Casten and I spent Labor Day weekend with the Lindsay Clan camping in Bryce Canyon. We went on several hikes and found a waterfall! It was a small hike to the waterfall, still Casten helped me since everyone seemed to think I needed to be wicked careful all the time.

Here is a picture of just me at the waterfall... Oh and check out my very pregnant self!

We went on a small hike up to a hole in the rock. It was really cool and fun to look through the hole.

Ya Casten is one strong man I must admit!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Casten and I have moved back to Utah. I had to go up to Provo and get stabbed with a needle at the hospital. So we decided to go through Mt. Nebo despite the extra gas that would be used, and it was well worth it! The Mountians are so beautiful and now were both obsessed with going camping in them!-

These Mountians had in fact some hidden treasures! We were driving our super hot kia spectra when a GT 500 comes out of nowhere behind us!~ Well, haha actaully we knew he was coming because we made a stop and were informed there would be some VERY nice cars flying through the mountian (come on kidds, they weren't actaully flying) We saw tons of extreamly NICE cars! Were talking Ferrari's, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes, GT 500, and lots of others I cant remember. I dont know anything really about them... But Casten was jumping out of his skin with excitment- These cars were police escorted, and can drive as fast as they want to.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well here is Houston, Tx in all its glory!! This is a picture of some factory thing-a-ma-jig. They are everywhere out here! Not the prettiest thing ever, but very useful I’m sure. ;) Oh and that black cloud... They are crazy here! It will be blue sky’s and super hot an sunny. Then within ten minutes it gets really windy and dark and two seconds later its raining hard enough to make our parking lots into small rivers!!!

There are allot of cool and beautiful things in and around Houston though. It has just been hard for Casten and I to explore because of our work schedules. We only have Sundays off giving us limited access to many attractions in the area. We did however go visit the San Jacinto Monument.

Casten and I took turns taking a picture of each other with our handy dandy camera phones! We walked around the lake they had in front of the monument- It looks practically identical to the Washington D.C. Monument...

Friday, July 11, 2008


Wednesday, July 9, 2008


That is right I am here to show off my cute family also! Casten and I discovered in February on our 2 month anniversary that our new family was already starting to grow. In June we found out we were having a little girl, and that girl will be born around October 20th. We are both extremely excited for that day to come! This picture is Lynzie 20 weeks into this fabulous pregnancy-