Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well I must say life is so crazy different with a baby! But I sure love it! The only problem is I seem to never have time to work on our blog page. We have a ton of cute pictures to put up but I just never get time.... And when I do I dont have my computer so I dont have the pictures.
Kayden got of his cast! YAY!! Only they put his boots on, and its a MILLION times worse! He screamed for 5 hours straight after getting them, which if you know Kayden its really not like him to cry, at all! A week previously he started sleeping 8 hours during the night. *AMAZING!!!* But... We have to take the boots off and on ever 3 hours and he just screams and cries. The worse of it is he looks up at me with those sad eyes that are just asking why I am hurting him. I really Hate it because he doesnt understand that all this pain will be worth it in the end. He has blisters on his feet from it. (apparently Im not putting them on tight enough, which is crazy because I thought I was putting them on SO tight!) So I had to put bandaids on, only they tore his skin and made his ankles and feet bleed. :'( Needless to say I cant wait for all this to be finished!!~
Other than that we are doing really well! And when Kayden isnt crying from all the torture we are forced to put him through he is smiling and even laughing sometimes. It is so very cute!-


Jeff and Rebecca said...

Wow. The first few months of babyhood is so frustrating for us mothers. Just when you get hopeful, thinking the baby's going to sleep through the night, he doesn't. Of course, it doesn't help that Kayden has to deal with the boots. He'll get used to it soon.