Wednesday, July 29, 2009


July 24th We enjoyed a day at the Manti Park for our Simmons Family Reunion.
Its the first time they had it in Manti, and Casten and I decided we should bike there. It was great fun and Kayden was more than willing to share his bike trailor with his cousins for rides around the park.
Kayden is just letting Braden have a taste of his ever so yummy finger.

Kayden and Braden with there Nana

Kayden and Mommy

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Kayden had his very first PB&J... Just minus the PB. He got it absolutly everywhere, Including his EaRs!!
He Loved It!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well we took a very spontaneous trip to Jackson Hole for the week. It was so much fun! We kept busy the whole time. Going hiking, biking, visiting Yellowstone of course, and just good ol' fun! There was no junk food eating on this vacation. It consisted of many work outs and healthy eating...
We made sure to take lots of great pictures. But our camera has disappeared into thin air. :-( Very sad story. So... This is the one and only one that we took on Castens phone. so here...
Kayden loved the Waterfalls and rivers. We went to Teton Village and went mountain biking and played around. Kayden and I went up on the ski lift a couple times and he thought it was great fun! That boy sure loves the outdoors! Casten has decided mountain biking is great new hobby and he cant wait to head up another mountain on his bike!
Anyway, the picture is us outside BarJ Wranglers. If you haven't been there its a MUST on a Jackson vacation! Casten called in and got work off for one more day to go there and I was lucky enough to get tickets! Ya get TONS of yummy yummy food and great entertainment that keeps ya laughing the whole time!!! lol... so ya, I'm done advertising for them. but really... GO!-
We are already planning another vacation there and were going to climb the Middle Teton! YAY! Go super active us!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Casten, Kayden, And I Had A Blast For The 4th Of July! It Was The First Lindsay Reunion At My Parents House. We Had So Much Fun Hanging With The Cousins And Just Relaxing Over The Holiday Weekend!

When We Started Lighting Fireworks Kayden Was Laughing And Talking... But With The Noise Of The Kids Screaming With Joy And A Couple Other Younger Cousins Scared Cries- He Quickly Got Concered With The Whole Ordeal!!~>

CHEESE!!!... Uh Kayden- Where Are You Looking lil Boy?!~>

Kayden With His Cousin Madelyn, Waiting For The City Firework Show To Start

This Is Us Chillin On The Temple Hill Enjoying Manti's Firework Show
(Kayden Is Super Tired!!)

Kayden LOVES Fireworks!!! He Is ALL Fischer! :-)


Oh Vacations!!! We Went To San Diego For A Week With Shaun And Jesica. And Had Way Way To Much Fun! I Am Posting A Million Pictures, But There Not Even Half Of Them. Thank You Guys For Inviting Us! It Really Was Great To Get Out And Be Us!!!

This Is Just A Picture Of Us Relaxing And Enjoying The Ocean Waves

Shaun And Jesica... Doing The Same Thing

Jesica And I Had A Blast Playing In The Waves

This Is Cool

Pretty Sure It Almost Killed Casten!!
lol... Who Are Those Crazy Cool People In The Background?!

This Is Me.

Casten And I Showing Off Our Batman Capes!!

*So We Dont Have Pictures Of This But We All Went Kayaking In The Ocean And Around These Really Cool Caves. It Was Lots Of Fun! But While Casten And I Were Heading In Our Kayak Caught A Wave And WHOSH We Flipped Over Just Like That! It Was Way Funny!!! Although The Kayak Tried To Kill Me And Slamed Me On The Head A Couple Times- Luckily I Only Suffered A Small Headache From It...

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Casten And I LOVE Dave & Busters! So When We Found One In San Diego... Of Course We Had To Go!~ lol... They ID All Of Us And Because Jesica And I Didnt Have Our ID's On Us Shaun Was Our "Sponser" THANKS SHAUN!!!

Playing At The Arcades At Dave & Busters In San Diego
Good Times

Shaun And Jesica Went Crazy Winning Tons Of Tickets! And Therefor Wining Tons Of Fun Things... Mostly For There Cute Daniel- Awww Sweet! :D

This Is Us... Pretending We Actaully Won All These Super Awsome Animals!!

Driving To Six Flags In L.A.

The Picture Really Says It All... So- Im Done Here

This Ride Was Crazy!!! It Starts With A 255Ft Drop Into A 120Ft Underground Tunnel- Talk About Taking Your Breath!!!

Casten And I At Boomers! There Is No Picture Of It But We All Played Mini-Golf And The Girls Kicked The Boys Trash!! Hahahaha....
-lots of fun-


Casten And I LOVED Our Vacation To California!!

Casten Checkin Out The View Of His "New Home"

Just Chillin In The Nest

Yeah, There Real! The Wildlife Zoo and San Diego Was Really Awsome!
A Must See...

So I Was In A Game Show At The Zoo...

Jesica And I Were Competing On This Game Show... Oh- And I WON!!


We decided to drive through Nebo Loop about a week ago... And boy is it beautiful up there!

Kayden and Mommy

Kayden and Daddy

The Beautiful Mountians

Casten and I taking a break from a bikeride-

Kayden chillin in his new bike trailor.

Our lil sleeper

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Casten and I took Kayden to the doctors and were happy to discover he is doing great! He have not been putting his foot braces on for way to long and we thought we would get the scolding of a lifetime!! But I guess Kayden is a lucky kid and doesn't need his brace to heal. We just have to continue massaging his foot and he should be fine! YaY!!