Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well we took a very spontaneous trip to Jackson Hole for the week. It was so much fun! We kept busy the whole time. Going hiking, biking, visiting Yellowstone of course, and just good ol' fun! There was no junk food eating on this vacation. It consisted of many work outs and healthy eating...
We made sure to take lots of great pictures. But our camera has disappeared into thin air. :-( Very sad story. So... This is the one and only one that we took on Castens phone. so here...
Kayden loved the Waterfalls and rivers. We went to Teton Village and went mountain biking and played around. Kayden and I went up on the ski lift a couple times and he thought it was great fun! That boy sure loves the outdoors! Casten has decided mountain biking is great new hobby and he cant wait to head up another mountain on his bike!
Anyway, the picture is us outside BarJ Wranglers. If you haven't been there its a MUST on a Jackson vacation! Casten called in and got work off for one more day to go there and I was lucky enough to get tickets! Ya get TONS of yummy yummy food and great entertainment that keeps ya laughing the whole time!!! lol... so ya, I'm done advertising for them. but really... GO!-
We are already planning another vacation there and were going to climb the Middle Teton! YAY! Go super active us!