Monday, June 25, 2012


Kayden Loves To Climb Trees!> LOVES It! :) He Is Our Cute Little Monkey Boy!


We were in need of a new car. Not a Nice one or anything... just gets better gas mileage than 12 to the gallon- which is what our 4-runner gets. Wanted to spend around $1000.00 so... yeah, nothing fancy. Ended up looking at this car from a KSL ad and it was exactly what we were looking for! The ladies husband was a doctor so while Casten took the car for a test drive I talked to her about being a wife of someone becoming a doctor and she gave me lots of great advice! After Casten returned from his 20 min test drive they talked about the car for a min. and she tells him she will sell it for $500.00 and that she remembers being poor college students trying to get through becoming a doctor and hopes this car helps-. AWESOME!!!-. however, it is a manual and Kayden gets worried every time I get in the driver seat because I "crash" the car every time I backup... I'm Still Learning!!!


So... Apparently When You Faint Lots And Have Crazy Low Blood Pressure Your Doctor Will Put You On What Is Called A Salt And Potato Chip Diet- Sounds Fun Huh?!. But Its Just Not As Easy As It Sounds- I Am So Ready For My Silly Body To Act Normal, Or At Least A LITTLE Bit Normal!- Gee...


Casten and I spent 3 hours solid at the library studying and Kayden was a rockstar trooper being super good the whole time! I was shocked and very grateful! He loved writing on the whiteboard just like daddy. Kayden also wrote his name... he has been doing this for a while, but I was excited to get a picture of it.

Monday, March 19, 2012


I Felt Like Doing Something Fun To Celebrate St.Patrick's Day... This Is Not Frosting, Or Play-dough- But It Is AWESOME Cake Dough!! *Yes, We Ate Corn-beef And Cabbage, Because Were Cool Like That :)*

Kayden And I Made A Rainbow Cake, And Kayden Had A BLAST Squishing Out The Cake Batter Into The Pan.

And This Is What Are Amazing Creation Looked Like After It Was Cooked! This Was Super Easy And Kayden LOVED It!! Its Going To Be A Fun Tradition For SURE :)


This Year For Spring Break Casten And I Decided To Take A 4 Credit Class That Lasted All Of Spring Break. In This Class We Went Backpacking And Kayaking... It Was Way Exciting And Full Of Crazy Stories-

We Had A Blast With The Kayaking Part. We Camped On The Side Of The River 3 Miles Down From Hoover Dam And Then Kayaked 8 Miles- We Are Certainly Adding Kayaks To Our List Of 'Must Have Toys'

We Had Fun Backpacking As Well... We Hiked 4.1 Miles Down To Angel Basin (Near Phoenix, AZ) And Stayed There For A Couple Days. There Were Some Really Cool Indian Ruins Down There That We Got To Visit.

In Arizona There Are A LOT Of Cactus's- I Mean A Lot! There Out Of Control :) Needless To Say, We Really Enjoyed Our Spring Break
*In Other News, We Left Kayden With His Grandparents (Both Sides) And They Were Both AMAZING At Taking Care Of Him! While We Were Gone Kayden Got His First Ear Infection AND Pink Eye! And I Was So Grateful To Have Such Wonderful People Watching Over Our 'Big' Baby Boy!*

Monday, February 6, 2012


We Had A Superbowl Party At The Dorm And It Was Great!> We Have Over $100.00 Worth Of Food And Face Painting! :) If Ya Didn't Know Giants Won And The Commercials (As Always) Were The Best Part-. Kayden Had A Blast! As You Can See By His Game Face!-

Monday, January 23, 2012


Cambria and Luke have been visiting our house off and on the past few weeks. They have been a blast to play with!>

Cambria and her sidekick Kayden, with Gus for moral support!> All I can say is WATCH OUT!!! These toddlers sure know how to party Toddler style! :-0

Luke LOVES cell phones! But what he loves even more than that is his mothers voice coming from the Cell Phone- I have never seen such a happy face!>


Christmas this year was GREAT!> We had a blast and Kayden was brave enough to ask Santa for a bike!- However, Santa seemed to be EVERYWHERE and every time he sat on his lap the details of what this bike should look like grew! needless to say, Santa got the Red and Black right, he got a flag on the bike... but there were no lightnings or sparkles. 50 out of 50! I say Santa did pretty good!-

Kayden LOVES to sing! This video is a little scandalous because he is in his underwear *Yeah! Thats Right! BIG BOY!!!* But its just so cute!