Monday, June 25, 2012


We were in need of a new car. Not a Nice one or anything... just gets better gas mileage than 12 to the gallon- which is what our 4-runner gets. Wanted to spend around $1000.00 so... yeah, nothing fancy. Ended up looking at this car from a KSL ad and it was exactly what we were looking for! The ladies husband was a doctor so while Casten took the car for a test drive I talked to her about being a wife of someone becoming a doctor and she gave me lots of great advice! After Casten returned from his 20 min test drive they talked about the car for a min. and she tells him she will sell it for $500.00 and that she remembers being poor college students trying to get through becoming a doctor and hopes this car helps-. AWESOME!!!-. however, it is a manual and Kayden gets worried every time I get in the driver seat because I "crash" the car every time I backup... I'm Still Learning!!!