Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The story is this:
I bought Casten a Sirius Radio for Christmas this year- Then two days later it disappeared. It was rather depressing to say the least. We searched, and looked and cried in frustration. Finally decided it was gone for good and off to the store we went to purchase a second one.... Well, today I found it!!!~ Rather exciting, expect for the fact that we are now stuck with a second radio that we really don't need.
So.... If you are wanting a radio we are going to be selling it for way cheap! If not, ask around, let your friends know that were selling a literally new radio and are willing to give it up for a dang good price.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Kayden loves it when we read to him. He loves looking at the pages, and seeing all the bright colors. Today we went to the library and picked up a couple new books for him. He just stared and talked through 4 books... and then it was off to bed for the cuteness!


Castens little brother was down and he took us to the batting cages here in town. Kayden slept through the whole thing, of course. But we had alot of fun!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well we finally got a REAL camera! So now we have a million and one pictures of Kayden. He is so cute and so we just cant stop ourselves from snaping a photo ever other second.

We gave Kayden a couple church shirts for Christmas, and of course he looks very handsome in them!!

We were all extreamly tired during Sacrament- Due to staying up WAY to late!! But Kayden was the only one who got away with sleeping through it.