Monday, September 8, 2008


Oh look at me! Im just laying here, Cant you tell... I have become the laziest person EVER!!! Could you believe that its doctors orders? Well okay probably but thats just cuz Im pregnant. But really let me explain- We went to a doctors appointment the day after our vacation in Bryce only to find out everything isnt going quite as perfect as we thought. Lynzie is wonderfully healthy as am I. But come to find out she seems to be trying to push her way into this wonderful world a lot sooner than planned. I was 33 weeks (oh and a day!) and already dialated to a 2 and effaced (or thinned out) 80%. Not something that should be happening for another 7 weeks. Needless to say the doctor has me laying down with my feet up 90% of my life until the baby comes. Which were hoping wont be for at least a few more weeks, considering she is just not ready! -You think you can do these things Lynzie, But ya just cant!!-

Dont I make sleeping look so fun?!... But its interesting how the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side! Before finding out I had to lay around constantly I would have killed to take a nap! Now I would love love love to get up and do something!~ Oh well, it must be love that keeps me laying here day after day. Cuz I dont think much else would.


Casten and I spent Labor Day weekend with the Lindsay Clan camping in Bryce Canyon. We went on several hikes and found a waterfall! It was a small hike to the waterfall, still Casten helped me since everyone seemed to think I needed to be wicked careful all the time.

Here is a picture of just me at the waterfall... Oh and check out my very pregnant self!

We went on a small hike up to a hole in the rock. It was really cool and fun to look through the hole.

Ya Casten is one strong man I must admit!