Tuesday, October 27, 2009


While in a mighty presute to adventure EVERYTHING yesterday, Kayden decided touching a burning hot fireplace was an exellent idea At first it seemed not a big deal, then last night he slept very little (I misjudged him to be getting sick) It wasn't until during Breakfast that I discovered a blister the size of a fat grape on his hand! (I'm not a silly mom, It hadn't devoloped until then) He also had one on each fingertip....
So.... I headed him off to the doctor... and they decided to operate *Well sorta*
They had to cut off the big blister on his hand, and the one on his pointy finger- leaving raw skin and making him ever so sad!!!
Now however, he gets to wear this super cool green bandage, and I know this picture does not look like it, he is happy and doing okay!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


We went to St. George Oct 18th for 4 baby blessings!!~

James, Ryan, Brayden and Atillio

Kayden, Cari, Casten, Ben, Wes, Kimmy, Amber, Brayden, Dad, Chris, Katrina

Kayden, Cari, Casten, Ben, Wes, Kimmy, Amber, Brayden, Jessie, Mom, Melanee, Logan Chris, Katrina.. James? Ryan? not sure on that one :)

Kayden taking a drink at the chuch

Kayden and I

Kayden was helping Brayden drink his bottle

Nana with her three boys dressed in white
(two not so happy)


Ben, Casten, Wes, Melanee, Katrina, Amber, Logan



So I am finally getting around to posting pictures of Kayden's Birthday Party!~ We had so very much funn, and I posted a million pictures, but I really couldn't help it!
Tyler attacking SpongeBob!
Kayden's Turn!


Kayden jumped right in! (Well after I put him there)

Cambria and Kayden checking out this whole candy thing!

Kayden showing off his candy he found!

This is Kayden's Cake... Take a good look cuz its about to be destroyed!

SpongeBob Cake that everyone gotta eat

Chomping Down!

lol.... this picture I just love!

Lucky me! Kayden fed me some cake-

Digging At The Cake

Yeah, He Sat on Patrick!

Messy Mess Mess!
Cleaning Him Up!

Thank You Everyone Who Came To Kayden's Birthday Party! It Was Great Having You There- And Thank You Jess For Taking Pictures!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Casten's brother Ben is in the Marines and has been serving in Iraq. Sept. 26th he came home and it was quite the reunion!!!

Kayden holding a Welcome Home Sign... Waiting for Uncle Ben

We were all waiting for Ben to come.... So I took a picture!

The troops getting off the bus- It was rather dramatic!

Ben giving Kayden a Hi-Five
Ben holding Kayden