Tuesday, October 27, 2009


While in a mighty presute to adventure EVERYTHING yesterday, Kayden decided touching a burning hot fireplace was an exellent idea At first it seemed not a big deal, then last night he slept very little (I misjudged him to be getting sick) It wasn't until during Breakfast that I discovered a blister the size of a fat grape on his hand! (I'm not a silly mom, It hadn't devoloped until then) He also had one on each fingertip....
So.... I headed him off to the doctor... and they decided to operate *Well sorta*
They had to cut off the big blister on his hand, and the one on his pointy finger- leaving raw skin and making him ever so sad!!!
Now however, he gets to wear this super cool green bandage, and I know this picture does not look like it, he is happy and doing okay!


Kat said...

that's a big nasty blister! poor kid. I'm glad he's feeling better.