Thursday, October 22, 2009


So I am finally getting around to posting pictures of Kayden's Birthday Party!~ We had so very much funn, and I posted a million pictures, but I really couldn't help it!
Tyler attacking SpongeBob!
Kayden's Turn!


Kayden jumped right in! (Well after I put him there)

Cambria and Kayden checking out this whole candy thing!

Kayden showing off his candy he found!

This is Kayden's Cake... Take a good look cuz its about to be destroyed!

SpongeBob Cake that everyone gotta eat

Chomping Down!

lol.... this picture I just love!

Lucky me! Kayden fed me some cake-

Digging At The Cake

Yeah, He Sat on Patrick!

Messy Mess Mess!
Cleaning Him Up!

Thank You Everyone Who Came To Kayden's Birthday Party! It Was Great Having You There- And Thank You Jess For Taking Pictures!


Jess said...

You are so very welcome Curry! It was super fun to party SpongeBob style :)

Jess said...

Gag, why do I need your approval to post something? That has never happened before?!

FischerFamily said...

Cuz then I can tell quickly if someone has posted something or not...

Jeff and Rebecca said...

Cute pictures! It was great being there, such a fun party! Good job, Cari!