Sunday, October 19, 2008


Kayden had really bad biliruban so we put him under the lights... But then his temp. was struggling to say the least and kept dropping down. Finally Saturday night we took him to the ER in Mt. Pleasant- They started taking his blood and poking him several times. It was sad to watch and then they even put an IV on him- Which I just hated, even if it was for the best. After several hours of testing and trying to raise his temp. they decided he needed to be taken up to Provo. At five days Kayden was taking his first ambulance ride and I was starting to get more and more worried- It was around 3am when we got there and in the ambulance they had finally gotten his temp. to normal. We spent sunday-tuesday in the hospital monitering him for an infection.

Along with his lack of keeping his temp. up, his biliruban kept going up, so they put him under the lights in the hospital and had to put this annoying band over his face- Which he HATED! They had to test his biliruban 10 times! They do this by making a small slice in the foot and getting blood- After a while he didnt even wake up to them doing it, because it had been done so many times...

Kayden had an IV the whole time and he kept karate chopping himself in the head!- Anywayz, After the scare, he went home tue afternoon happy and healthy!


Jess said...

I am so glad that your little boy is doing good! If all goes to plan, I will be able to meet him in a couple of months. Rob is trying to get rid of me and ship me to Utah. Ok, I guess that isn't quite true, but I am moving home in December! Get excited!!