Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well here is Houston, Tx in all its glory!! This is a picture of some factory thing-a-ma-jig. They are everywhere out here! Not the prettiest thing ever, but very useful I’m sure. ;) Oh and that black cloud... They are crazy here! It will be blue sky’s and super hot an sunny. Then within ten minutes it gets really windy and dark and two seconds later its raining hard enough to make our parking lots into small rivers!!!

There are allot of cool and beautiful things in and around Houston though. It has just been hard for Casten and I to explore because of our work schedules. We only have Sundays off giving us limited access to many attractions in the area. We did however go visit the San Jacinto Monument.

Casten and I took turns taking a picture of each other with our handy dandy camera phones! We walked around the lake they had in front of the monument- It looks practically identical to the Washington D.C. Monument...


Jeff and Rebecca said...

I'm glad you finally put up some pictures of Texas! Those are some good ones.