Monday, February 28, 2011


My mother reminded me that I really have not blogged for a while... Well, its almost been a year.
So what's new? LOTS :-)
Casten and I are Community Leaders (better known as RA's) at Nuttall Hall.

Kayden LOVES it!! He is so social and everyone is giving him candy and Snacks all the time!~

I am also ever so very pregnant!~> The baby is 11 weeks 4 days along...

Which puts the due date somewhere around Sept 16th

Okay... And a million other things I am mostly to lazy to write. Kayden is 2yrs old and acts like it! He is a great boy! Casten and I are both going to school- Casten SO much more then me! He is taking 18 credits and working 3 jobs!> Honestly I am not sure how he does it... But I am greatful to him that he does.