Friday, November 6, 2009


Kayden's mommy gave him a sucker!! Amazing Right?!~

Kayden was helping his daddy clean the Library windows

So Kayden thinks its cool to climb in the drawers.
I think its just funny!

I sat Kayden down for lunch and forgot to notice the cake was right next to his highchair until it was to late!!

Daddy and Kayden took a break from working go play on the slide

Where's Kayden?!
Our little man loves to play outside!!

He also loves sampling apples!

He found this bike and thought it was just amazing!

Kayden playing with his cousin Madelyn

Kayden loves to pat Maries tummy and sometimes I swear he says "Adelae" They shall be great friends I'm sure!


Jesica Lindsay said...

what a cutie! he is getting so big!