Thursday, August 13, 2009


We spent a weekend in St. George and Kayden LOVED LOVED LOVED the Water!!

There was a small river in a park that Kayden and his Cousins had so much fun playing in!
In this picture is Kayden and Olivia

Kayden loves learning about new things and "helping" clean... This picture he just finished helping his daddy wash the dishes- and now its explore time!

Kayden loves to explore the outdoors- He is always sneaking out every chance he gets!
Especially when water is involved!

Kayden keeps getting more and more boy cousins! He loves playing with there toes and poking there eyes! (Oops!) He has 3 new cousins on his daddy's side and now one new cousin on his mommy's side! CONGRATS AMBER, KATRINA, & BECCA!! Now we shall party with our boys, or/and cross our fingers our boys don't have 'to much fun' once there old enough to make mischief! :D


Kat said...

oh my goodness! What fun pictures!! I absolutly love them all... Kayden is just awesome.